Retard Proofing Cabinets


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Product Information

Retard Proofing Cabinets

Capacity Retard Proofer For Tray 40 X 60 , Capacity 20 Litre
Spacing Space Betweet Trays 6.3 Cm
Tempreture Adjustable Heating Power
Humidity 60% To 100%
Body Internal Body All From Stainless Steel
Panels Isothermal Panels Made Of Polyurethan Foam.
50mm Thick, Density 35kg/m3 35kg/m3, High Insulation Coefficient Lambda=0,022
Regulation Fxp Electronic Control Board. Humidity Regulation
Compressor Tropical Compressor Included
Assembly Machine Delivered Assemblied
Model AA20V
Company PANEM
Manufacturer   FRANCE

Other Technical Details

Dimension 57.5 x 90.5 x 202 cm
Length(L) 57.5 cm
Depth(D) 90.5 cm
Height(H) 202 cm
Volt 220 V
موديل AA20V
المُصنع PANEM
بلد الصُنع  

تفاصيل تقنية اخرى

الأبعاد ٥٧.٥ x ٩٠.٥ x ٢٠٢ سم
العرض ٥٧.٥ سم
العمق٩٠.٥ سم
الأرتفاع٢٠٢ سم
الفولت ٢٢٠