Silpat 400 X 600 Mm


ProductID: 1942

Product Information

Silpat 400 X 600 Mm

Fiberglass Baking Or Deep-freezing Mats.
This Non-stick Silicone Coating Is A Sasa Exclusive Process
385 x 585 mm for tray : 400 x 600 mm
do Not Cut On The Mat And Do Not Fold It.
Designed for many uses. Particularly recommended for the baking of pastry, confectionery, and sweet goods.
Very durable and easy to clean (with water and a soft sponge).
Best when used with trays with large perforations.
Model 3310
Company SASA
Manufacturer   FRANCE

Other Technical Details

Dimension 400 x 600 mm
Length(L) 400 cm
Height(H) 600 cm
موديل 3310
المُصنع SASA
بلد الصُنع  

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